Mykonos is an island of many guises, an oasis of good times, with desires to be fulfilled and surprises to be sensed. Certainly one of the most favored destinations worldwide, it is equally preferred by the rich and famous or otherwise. Its beaches, like sirens, beckon you to bask in the clear blue water and the cobbled streets compel you to dance to the magic of life. And yet, Mykonos is so much more than meets the eye. Every breath is another revelation. If you’re quick to judge it, you will do it injustice. Give it time to sink in and it will reward you with a constant discovery of serendipitous wonders.

People come to Mykonos, each searching for something different; and they all find it in the end. Some visit the island out of curiosity or because they are fascinated by what they have heard from others who have visited it; others just to be able to say that they too have been there; others still have been there before and already know what the island has to offer – perhaps the endless nights on the narrow passages downtown, the charming unfamiliar faces soon to become familiar, the endless basking under the sun, languishing on beaches and re-energizing after a night of blessed debauchery.

It is no surprise that Mykonos has the reputation of an island where everything is possible – like the mythical Neverland, this famous island of the Cyclades, known for its versatility in entertainment, can now also be known for its versatility in accommodation.

Visitors to Mykonos now have the freedom to indulge in loud music and busy bars on the one hand but also enjoy a quiet retreat on the other. Close to both the beach and the nightlife, Plan B holiday villas allow guests and their loved ones to relax in the homelike environment of a fully equipped house set within a lush garden and featuring generously sized verandas overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Picture the luxury of an evening at ‘home’ with freshly mixed mojitos and your favorite music playing on the stereo, engaging in captivating conversations or simply indulging in soothing reverie with the new moon rising in the still of a starry night sky. And when all is said and done and you'd still like to party hard, a 20-minute ride takes you into downtown Mykonos where you can get all the action your heart desires! If this is how you dreamed of your summer vacation in Mykonos, then… proceed to Plan B!


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